4 Benefits of Diesel Particle Filter Cleaning

by Sebastian Friedman

A diesel particle filter clean detoxes an engine and so improves its performance. This both improves the driving experience and results in less diesel use. You really will find yourself topping up the tank less often.

To define it, DPF cleaning is a chemical treatment that is used to reduce engine-generated soot emissions and to revive the DPF filter by cleaning away soot particles that have built up. Regular filtering of this kind ensures that vehicle performance is instantly improved and protects the filter for the future.

So, this article will consider in detail, 4 of the benefits, including those mentioned. Another one being that firms can provide mobile dpf cleaning for your convenience.



A DPF clean increases the performance that a vehicle is capable of, leading to smooth acceleration and lower gas temperatures in your exhaust.

Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) indicates cylinder temperature and is something that should be monitored to prevent detonation or engine damage. EGT represents an engine tuning tool. A turbocharged engine, for instance, will be measured using EGT. So, a measure such as DPF cleaning, which keeps down temperatures, benefits an engine’s performance and increases its longevity.

A car is an expensive purchase, so it makes sense to make the most out of it. Rather than drive around with less performance than it was designed to give, why not treat it and yourself to a DPF clean? Like humans, engines also benefit from a detox from time to time. There are firms online that are easy to book and can take care of it for you.



A motorist who regularly has their vehicle DPF cleaned will notice a difference in their diesel bills. They will find that their engine’s improved performance is kinder on fuel and has it last for more trips out before their tank needs filling. Long term, this represents a significant saving and something that you will start to be able to factor into your household budget as a reduced expense.

With the saving, there are various modifications that you could make to your vehicle to improve its look and further improve its performance. For instance, the addition of a spoiler. By adding little weight to your vehicle, you could improve airflow around it and improve traction. A spoiler would create a downforce and therefore provide better grip on the road and improve the handing of your vehicle. That would be something beneficial to do with the cash you have saved from increased fuel efficiency due to a DPF clean.


Fuel efficiency

It is worth noting that most fleet management companies tend to use software (pop over to these guys here) and other means to minimize their fuel usage. Various reasons can be cited for why fuel spending is skyrocketing for many vehicles. This could be due to driver behavior, speeding, or even inability to maintain the vehicle properly. It is therefore important to reduce fuel consumption as much as possible. Increased fuel efficiency has another benefit – it is good for the environment. Diesel is not a renewable energy source and the less we can use it, the longer we may have use of it. In addition, there will be less pollution from burning off less of the fuel. So, your bank manager and the environment will thank you. Generations of children will thank you for regularly cleaning your engine and making the best use of diesel.


An extra advantage of DPF cleaning is that it is a job that can be done anywhere, so those that perform the service can come to you. This is convenient and means that you can concentrate on other things. You can save even more diesel by not needing to make your way to a garage.


So, in short, we have discussed four good reasons to have your engine DPF cleaned. It will improve your engine’s performance and road experience, ultimately costing you less money in diesel. Moreover, it also represent an environmentally-friendly service, and can be performed almost anywhere in the world at your convenience.

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