What Sets the Difference in Our Fashion Styles?

by Sebastian Friedman

We cannot avoid fashion today, considering how fast it spreads throughout the globe. No matter where we are, it has a way of finding us, and we have to make a choice. Whether that’s because you are heavily into the fashion world and perhaps look to collect valuable watches or other accessories for different occasions, reasons, or maybe even as an investment opportunity, or you simply just like to look good as often as you can. It is no wonder blogs such as this are dedicated to fashion and all things surrounding. The big question is, ‘why do our fashion styles differ?’

What is Fashion Style?

Simply put, fashion style is how we wear outfits, shoes, and accessories, which you can find out more about over at clothing sites such as lycheethelabel.com. We define our styles by the clothes we put on in particular situations. The preferences differ from one person to the next for different reasons, including the environment, special occasions, budget, personality, age, gender, and personal taste.


At a tender age, kids don’t have much of a say regarding what to wear since they are guided by their parents or guardians. Teenagers are influenced by peer pressure, celebrities, movies, and what they read on social media. They prefer more vibrant colors, trendy designs, and accessories, unlike the adults who go for classic styles most of the time. When we become of age, we develop tastes in specific colors, especially those that look more formal. We also develop a stronger sense of brand loyalty, so will look to stores where we can get the names we know and love, such as Inocencia. Even things like our hairstyles change with time.


Our character can dictate our lifestyle and how we appear in public. That is why we wear different bags, necklaces, pants, shoes, and hats when we go shopping. Some people love matching items for uniformity. Others are brave enough to go for bolder and more striking colors. Yet, we have a group of people who like to catch a crowd’s attention with highly glossy outfits and posh accessories. Loud fashions are a top choice for celebrities who want to stay in the limelight at all times.

On the other hand, we have people who’d rather keep it on the low side, no matter their financial capabilities. They only go for simple but elegant pieces of fashion. This is to prove that people have different perceptions hence personal taste.


Being male or female is a significant determinant of fashion styles. Women can wear traditionally masculine clothes, e.g., trousers. But there are substantial differences between male and female pants.

Economic Factors

Our budgets often dictate what we can or cannot afford. We tend to think that people wearing haute couture are wealthy, but it is not always the case. Even the wealthiest person can wear simple, inexpensive clothes. Generally, a bigger budget allows us to choose anything we want regardless of the price.

Environmental Factors

The climate of our workplaces and residences affects our fashion styles. Even if we adore lighter tops, cold temperatures will force us to put on coats and woolen sweatshirts. We are also supposed to attend entertaining events with crazy costumes, so we must dress up. The idea is to fit in the environment depending on the weather or the theme of the day.

How Do We Know We Have Good Fashion Taste?

Being stylish doesn’t mean that we are forever following the latest fashion trends. Sometimes, we just want to be different from anyone else. We don’t need to follow what’s in vogue to remain relevant. Instead, we create personal styles through spontaneous and straightforward practices. There are several telltale signs that we have a cool taste in fashion.

1. Compliments by Loved Ones and Colleagues

When people compliment our clothes, we have nailed it on style. Women are quick to note sharper-looking guys, and it is evident from the way they almost break their necks taking a second look. Men, on the other hand, cannot miss complimenting well-dressed women.

2. Peers Asking for Fashion Advice

One of the benefits of having a great sense of style is that we have people who look up to us. If everyone is asking us what to wear on a particular occasion, it means they perceive us almost as fashionistas. When they check through our wardrobes, they want to know where we bought the items.

3. Nobody Buys Clothes for Us

Friends and family will never risk buying us clothes because they are not sure if we will like the presents. They know our fashion taste is on another level and would rather bring something else on our birthdays. They are not even sure where we shop. This is because our preference is unique.

When perfecting our dressing styles, we should aim to do it for ourselves and not to please a crowd; unless the latter is necessary. Attention from our mates and colleagues is often a byproduct of knowing our unique styles. We nail it when we have a more in-depth knowledge of the reason behind what we wear.

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