How To Check Your Mechanic Isn’t Ripping You Off

by Sebastian Friedman

When it comes to car repairs, there are so many uncertainties that many consumers are left in the dark. These days, most people simply accept car repairs as part of the deal. But you can be sure that many anonymous complaints have been filed against a specific repair shop. Misleading repair shops, incompetent technicians, and mechanics who are overstating their expertise are just a few of the things that make people question the integrity of their mechanics.

They Won’t Show You What’s Wrong

A mechanic is a person who is trained to follow a set of standardized procedures to do mechanical work on cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, aircraft, and other vehicles. Many people get ripped off when they go to their local garage, but most of us don’t even notice it. There will always be someone trying to squeeze the last cent from you in any garage and will try to get you to pay for something that you don’t need.

They have Poor Customer Service

Customer service is something that we all take for granted-but it’s hard to find a good one these days. Thousands of automobile mechanics have no idea what they are doing, and it isn’t just the big-name shops that suffer from these inept people. It’s not unusual for good mechanics to be undercut by terrible ones, and there are plenty of people out there who take advantage of people’s ignorance to make a profit.

They Won’t Give Your Old Parts Back

Do you know those mechanics who have been working on your car for years? You know, the ones to whom you always go because your car always breaks down when you least expect it? Well, if you’ve been avoiding those mechanics because you’re worried they’ll re-use your old parts, you may be getting ripped off – by your own mechanic.

A Bad Reputation

If you’re not happy with the mechanic you’ve been using, or you don’t know where to start, you can check them out online. You can do a quick Google search for the service you need and your location, such as “Chassis Repairs North Shore” and check out their reviews and ratings before making your choice. You can even search the Better Business Bureau for complaints and complaints about the company you’re using. But how can you tell if they’ve been through a few complaints or that their reputation is really as bad as what you’ve heard? The reputation of a shop or mechanic is as important as their ability to repair, so it’s vital that you check your mechanic out before you hand over any cash. If you think something is amiss, check them out on the BBB website. You can also check reviews in the trade by looking at the Automotive Industries Association. If you need more information, a simple Google search will provide you with plenty of info about the mechanics, reputations, and locations of the most trusted shops in the car repair trade. For service providers whom you might approach for minor replacements (such as the seat belt or buckle, for example), it’s always a good idea to take a look at their websites similar to that can give you all the info you need about the service as well as the company.

They have Strange Labor Time Estimates

Sometimes, it’s not the specific labor time estimates that are the problem, but rather how the labor time estimates are calculated. For example, a mechanic may give you a labor time estimate of 1 hour, but you get home and find that it took less time than the estimate. It seems there is a huge difference in labor time estimates from mechanic to mechanic in the automotive industry. The amount of labor time estimated by mechanics can vary by hundreds or even thousands of dollars. When you have a car that needs work, you don’t want to be ripped off by a mechanic charging you an exorbitant amount of labor time for a simple oil change.

When it comes to car repairs, it pays to know what to look for in order to keep yourself in the clear. Find a mechanic with similar caliber to AG Automotive, who can take care of your vehicle’s overall health. That’s not to say you should go on a witch hunt, but it’s important to do a little research before getting a quote. It is likely that a good auto mechanic or repair shop will be using advanced software solutions such as those at so that you can schedule appointments online and get an upfront estimate while being kept updated throughout the entire process.

Finding a reliable mechanic is not always easy. In fact, many of us have taken our car or truck to a shop only to find that the mechanic was trying to rip us off. This can be frustrating since it can be hard to know if a mechanic is honest or not. Do not lose hope, however. Look for customer reviews, and find a mechanic that can handle the repair and provides good customer service.

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