Buying RV: mistakes to avoid

by Sebastian Friedman

Their popularity is growing, and more people do not even hesitate to make it their main home. However, there is a problem. The purchase of a motor home is even more complex than the purchase of a car because the number of factors to be taken into consideration is even higher. How to buy a motorhome and not regret it afterward?

Pay attention to the specifics

The purchase of an RV is not limited only to choosing the most beautiful model (if one has the financial means to buy it) or choosing the cheapest model (if it is not the case). The first thing to keep in mind is that this vehicle must meet several specificities. I advise you to answer the following questions honestly.

  • Do I have enough room to park it?
  • Would I be able to find a parking space when I travel with it?
  • Is its fuel consumption suitable for me?

If you’re only going to go to hard-to-reach places, it would be ridiculous to choose an RV that can’t drive around town just because it’s nice and comfortable.

The different categories of RVs

These vehicles are sufficiently expensive, which is why they should be investments and should be chosen accordingly. There are several types of RVs.

  • Pop-Up Campers – These are the simplest models. They are still referred to as trailers. These models are ideally suited for people who do not intend to make short, preferably medium-duration trips. The equipment in these RVs is minimal. However, it is comfortable enough to allow the owner to stop at a camping club or at the seaside or in the countryside.
  • Truck Campers – Trucks can be used for multiple purposes. For work and day-to-day transport, the vehicle can be used as it is. For family road trips, people remove the protective Tonneau covers and load the truck camper. The comfort they offer is already far superior to previous vehicles. This category is perfect for small families who want to make medium and long-distance trips, but do not want to spend money on accommodation. They are spacious enough to accommodate several people. There are not only common areas but also bedrooms. The ratio of quality, space, comfort and price is very interesting. The biggest advantage of these RVs is their versatility. They are perfect in the city and in the countryside, whatever the state of the roads where one will travel. Pick-up trucks especially had a unique charm that made them so appealing back in the day. In case you are considering buying a used truck, you can check this Used Diesel Truck Buyers Guide to make an informed decision.
  • Small Travel Trailers – The perfect vehicle for camping. These vehicles are towable and with a bit of training they are easily maneuverable. The biggest drawback is the lack of versatility of the previous vehicles. However, they make up for this defect with an incomparable advantage: comfort.
  • Fifth-Wheel RV – Like the previous models, they are towable. However, they are more spacious and luxurious. The only disadvantage of this option is that you will have to use a car powerful enough to tow it.
  • Motorhome – Here there are several categories of RVs. These are classes A, B, B+ and C. Class A is the longest (up to 45 feet), the most comfortable and of course the most luxurious. Here there is no limit to the price. They can reach several million dollars. Classes B and B+ are shorter. The class B+ in terms of comfort is better than the class B and much more expensive. The class C is a kind of mix between the two previous models. Smaller than the class A models, but longer than the class B models, they are just as comfortable as the class A models.

It is therefore advisable to analyze in a cold head all the models, and their financial abilities.

Being Afraid to Consider The Option of Used Models

Every owner wants to buy a new model. However, there is no need to be afraid to look at the possibilities offered by the used RV market. The first advantage of these vehicles is of course the price. The second advantage is that it offers the user the possibility to test different models. Rather than buying a new RV that is difficult to maintain, it is better to buy a used one. After a few months, you will better understand what you like and dislike. This knowledge will make it easier to choose the next RV.

Not Properly Inspecting Used Models

Used RVs can be a double-edged sword. Most people sell a used RV because they do not need it anymore, but often RVs are sold because of issues ranging from maintenance issues to cleanliness and pest infestations (see for more information). To avoid unpleasant surprises, I recommend that you hire a specialist who will examine the vehicle from every angle and provide a detailed assessment. Buying used RVs in bad condition is possible, you can fix even some of the worst issues. However, buying without being aware of these issues can leave you ripped off or stuck in a bad situation at the worst time.

Avoid Choosing a Used RV Based Solely On Price

This is the most common error. The future owner is so eager to purchase the vehicle that he considers two factors only: the cheapest RV and its performance statistics. However cheap does not always mean good and it may not last well in mint condition. While you can find a bargain sometimes a more expensive RV can be well worth it if made from durable and quality materials.

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