5 Common Car Habits That Could Put You at Risk

by Sebastian Friedman
Common Car Habits

Over time, we all develop driving habits that our driving instructors would not approve of if we were still doing our lessons. These happen organically so we all need to do our best to not fall into dangerous habits. This might lead to dangerous driving and consequently injury or death. To avoid these worst case scenarios and to avoid a possible lawsuit on your hands, (to see some case results, click here https://vancelawfirm.com/case-results/), I am going to outline 5 common car habits that could put you at risk.

Accelerating through Yellow Lights

Sure, it might feel amazing to get that rush of adrenaline from speeding up to get through a yellow light, but often you do not quite make it, and you end up holding up other drivers who actually have the green light. This is an awful habit to have and can lead to some serious collisions resulting in a car accident lawyer being needed for those who may be injured. Some lights are longer than others, so you may think that you have time to make it but you usually do not. Be a reasonable driver and slow down, if you see a yellow light and you have the space please stop. For your sake and everyone else’s.

Not Checking Blind Spots

Blind spots carry a lot of danger with them because if you do not check them one time it can lead to a crash. Drivers who do not look have the tendency to start moving over into other lanes and nearly smashing into other cars; this can cause, at the very least, a lot of anxiety and distraction for other drivers. It could also lead to a painful car accident and a claim being filed with a personal injury attorney like Valiente Mott. Always be sure to not only check the correct mirror(s) when switching lanes, but also glance over your shoulder too to make sure the coast is clear.

Merging Incorrectly

How many times have you been on a motorway and you found yourself behind someone who does not understand how to merge? They let car after car zip past them, thinking they are being polite when in reality, they are holding up the flow of traffic.

By the same token, there are motorists who do not know how to be patient. Patience seems to be a lost art for many on motorways because they seem to think that racing to the front of a line of cars getting on the motorway, when they know that the lane merges, is acceptable behaviour. This is totally wrong and should not be put into practice.


Tailgating is incredibly frustrating for both parties involved. The driver in front is annoyed that the person behind them will not stay off their bumper, and the driver in the back of him is frustrated that he cannot go any faster. Why create this kind of situation?

After all, tailgating can lead to many car accidents and it can lead to intentionally aggressive actions, like brake checking. If you want to go faster, pass the car ahead of you in another lane but only if it is safe to do so, keep a safe distance if it is not. The two-second rule applies here! Put it into practice.


We are all guilty of this every now and then. But that does not make it okay. Driving above the speed limit is one of the biggest reasons car accidents happen, and it leads to many of the other behaviors on this list. Consider how many bad incidents would not happen if we all stuck to the posted speed limits. You would be surprised how many road deaths happen due to speed, and how many car accident attorneys like Thomas J. Henry, are contacted to help those who have been injured due to drivers speeding.

To recap, driving is a fantastic part of most of our lives, but we need to treat the road and other road users with the appropriate respect. A yellow light does not mean go faster! Focus on road awareness by checking your blind spots. Tailgating is dangerous and so it incorrectly merging, this combine with speeding is a recipe for disaster.

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