3 Ways to Spend Money to Make Your World Go Around

by Sebastian Friedman

Paul Van Der Merwe is quoted as saying: “Money makes the world go around”, So let us think of three exciting ways to spend money and make our world go around, so to speak. It was, after all, a study by the journal Psychology and Marketing that revealed to the world that shopping could improve a sour mood, and a journal entitled Consumer Psychology that found retail therapy made us instantly happier and would combat continuing stress and sadness. With all this in mind, we should consider items that we buy or could buy, that will cheer us up, whenever it is “the season to by jolly” or not.


It is thought that the antioxidants which are present in chocolate help to reduce the levels of the body’s stress hormones. Dark chocolate, made from the cocoa tree’s seed, is among the best sources of antioxidants on the planet. Also, containing a compound known as anandamide, dark chocolate, can make you feel good about yourself and everything else. It is also thought that dark chocolate can temporarily block painful feelings of sadness and improve your health by also lowering your risk from heart disease. So, whether it is a chocolate bar or a packet of dark chocolate digestives, it would seem to have the answer to all our woes. We must eat it in moderation, though, or we will start to worry about our weight and end up adding a new woe to our list. Incidentally, the number one and bestselling chocolate brand in the world is said to be Ferrero Rocher.


Buying shoes must be considered an activity that makes people happy because, apart from being bought for work, they are also bought for special occasions such as parties and weddings. Who does not look forward to a party? Ladies buy heels not for an excuse to take them off but because they make their bodies look taller and more graceful. Long heels are quite useful too, for looking over the heads of crowds. The extra height can also make someone feel good about themselves. Designer shoes can also make someone feel special. Moreover, they can be an investment. The most expensive pair of shoes in the world are the Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers which cost $2 Million. They were famous for being worn by Alison Krauss, a country singer, at the 2004 Oscars. Shoes are also bought for comfort. Barefoot sandals are worn to experience the same feeling as on the beach but without anybody knowing.  Their description is a clue to them not having any soles attached. Wearers of them are for all intents and purposes barefoot. The straps act as a convincer that they are like any normal pair of sandals, except that to the observant eye, it can clearly be seen that a young lady’s soles have been left exposed to feel the ground beneath them. An element of daring can do wonders for the adrenalin. That is, without even considering the health benefits that “earthing” is thought to offer to those brave souls who put it to the test without ever feeling self-conscious about doing it.

Lottery Tickets

Lottery tickets are generally only a temporary pleaser as few of the tickets with seeing a return, and even fewer any kind of jackpot. In the UK, the first draw of the National Lottery took place on 19 November 1994. Noel Edmonds presented the television program. An incredible seven jackpot winners shared a price of £5,874, 778. And in case you were wondering, the winning numbers on this occasion were: 30, 3, 5, 44, 14, and 22, with 10 as the bonus. For most people, it is the thought that they can change their life which appeals most. The fact that one day they might be in a financial position to travel the world, buy a large house, even a football club, and have a garage full of sporty cars. Some people consider the lottery as a form of gambling but just the purchase of a twice-weekly ticket can only but provide some hope that a brighter future could be changed by a few balls.

So, there is plenty to feel happy about, and to add another source of happiness to the list, why not try listening to music? Music that is relaxing. Not that has been written by artists but by whales.

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